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Murderers, Retards, and Geniuses.

Murderer, retard, genius. Hacker, monster, miracle with super-human senses. What is my son to you? What does the word “autism” tell you? It tells you that he meets the current criteria for a developmental delay. That he falls in to … Continue reading

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Autism and Violence Rhetoric: Explanation, Excuse, Justification?

To the multitude who have arrived at this post by searching for “autism and violence” in the wake of the mass shooting in the USA: Nothing in this post is relevant to those types of events. The sorts of people … Continue reading

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Violence, Autism and Bad Parenting

Regardless of the reasons that lead up to it, I’ve never condoned my autistic son being violent. Whether the violence was due to fear, anxiety, anger or confusion, if he went to cause someone harm I would do everything in … Continue reading

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