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How my son’s autism brought me to science, and how I brought science to him (Part 1)

The furthest I studied science was to Sixth Form Chemistry, that was so long ago that these days they don’t even call it “Sixth Form” anymore. Science didn’t feature much in my tertiary studies; the closest I got was courses … Continue reading

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Outsmarting Kittens and Misteaching Children

Many years ago – when I was a university student with a different surname, and hadn’t yet heard the word “autism” – I bought myself a kitten for company. A particular incident that happened soon after I got her, has … Continue reading

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Law, Science, Burdens of Proof, and Contextual Truth.

This is another one of my posts where I am trying to sort and clarify my current knowledge and understandings. Though I do have a legal and philosophy background which I use in this post, I do not have a … Continue reading

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Fear of Diagnosis

As a teenager and young adult, I often found myself wrestling with whether it was worse to find out the truth, or be left wondering. Sometimes it was in regards to things people had told me, such as that someone … Continue reading

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Ought to vaccine or Autism Vaccine: Part 2, Money vs Science

The following claim is easy to make, and made far too often: “Anyone who speaks out pro-vaccination, in the face of the over-whelming evidence of it causing autism, must be funded by a corporation that makes a tidy profit from … Continue reading

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“Get Over It” Part One: The Grieving

One of the most important and useful pieces of information that I was given after my son’s diagnosis of Autism, came from a mother who been through it all herself. She worked for the local branch of a charity that … Continue reading

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