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Distinguishing Giftedness from Aspergers; will the DSM-5 help?

There’s a fine line between giftedness and Aspergers. This thought-provoking and carefully considered article, explains to a certain extent how closely related the two can be (or more precisely, can seem to be). There are people – including professionals – … Continue reading

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Praise in Hindsight: Looking back on the therapists of his pre-school years

I was at once overwhelmed, and underwhelmed, by the help my son received for his autism in his pre-school years (from diagnosis at age three, to starting school at five years old). Overwhelmed, because I found myself swamped in so … Continue reading

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Food rewards in therapies for autistic children

Food was used as a reward in both ABA (a type of behavioural therapy) and PECS (a system used for speech therapy) for my autistic son. In both situations I felt very uncomfortable with this type of reward, for a … Continue reading

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Autism And

It is hard enough to understand and cope with autism. When your child has other conditions comorbid with the autism, it can both greatly increase the challenges you face in managing your child, and muddy the waters for understanding autism … Continue reading

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Therapies without Limit

Before I started blogging about autism, the most controversial therapies I’d come across were ABA and the GF/CF diet. I knew there must be therapies I hadn’t heard of yet, but I had no idea they were in the hundreds, … Continue reading

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Assessing severity of autism, therapies, and progress.

It’s important to be able to assess how well a therapy is working for your autistic child, and more generally, whether their autism is getting better or worse. My favourite tool for measuring both, is this online ATEC (“Autism Treatment … Continue reading

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Less than a Mother, in the World of Oughtisms

One of the consequences of having an autistic child, was being left with the feeling that I am less than his mother: That I am his babysitter, teacher, therapist. I am all these positions and carry the responsibilities that come … Continue reading

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