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Your Voice Has Not Been Approved

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I’ve been a very quiet blogger lately, quiet enough that you may have suspected I’d quit blogging. Hell, even I suspected I’d quit blogging. I’d started a new career, been published, moved house, got two new insanely adorable kittens, and … Continue reading

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The “S” Word: Attacking and Defending “Special Needs.”

Lately when I use the term “special needs” – whether in my writing or my speech – I’ve been coming up against people who attack my use of the phrase. The arguments I encounter don’t come from a singular line … Continue reading

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“Neurotypical:” For want of a better word.

There’s a new post up at “The Tumultuous Truth,” questioning the accuracy and usefulness of the term “neurotypical.” (“Neurotypical. Who Exactly?“) It’s a short post (just three paragraphs) but it packed a punch for me, since I’ve been using the … Continue reading

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Language and Autism: The impact of penumbra and generalized instances, on debates about the existence of, and functioning levels within, ASD

I want to make it clear from the outset that this post is an attempt to get my own head around these issues. So if you can see an error in my own reasoning, I strongly encourage you to point … Continue reading

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