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Fear of New Languages.

What if you believed your teacher at school was trying to make you forget how to speak? What if when you tried to resist their efforts, you were lectured about diversity and acceptance? Confused? So was my son, so was … Continue reading

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Understanding and Reacting to “Non-Compliance:” A Letter to Teachers.

The following is a letter I have just written that I shall be giving to my son’s teaching team next week. He has attended a mainstream school since the start of this year, prior to that he spent two years … Continue reading

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Report on Inclusive Schools, and what to look for in a school.

The Education Review Office (ERO) has now published a follow-up report on the inclusiveness of mainstream schools in New Zealand. The original study back in 2010 did not return good outcomes about how inclusive our schools are, with only 50% … Continue reading

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Low Decile Paradise?

Private, public, mainstream, special, high decile, low decile: Between my son’s and my own education, I’ve seen all these types of schools in action. I attended a private school, then high decile public schools. My son attended a mid-decile Special … Continue reading

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My son spent the first two of his school years at a Special School. That was where he needed to be. That was where he learnt the skills, and received the immense support that was necessary to get him to … Continue reading

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Consequences of underestimating and overestimating my autistic son

Trying to figure out how much my son understands and what he is capable of, is a challenge in itself. I see people – both strangers and those who know him well – regularly and significantly over and under-estimate his … Continue reading

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My Guest Post, on the Subject of Autism and Education, at “Teaching the Teacher”

Please consider popping over to the blog “Teaching the Teacher” to read my guest post entitled “Educating an autistic child is an opportunity.” “Teaching the Teacher” is a blog written by a teacher-to-be in New Zealand. The blog’s author kindly … Continue reading

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Blogging on the back-burner for a bit; the return to teaching

I return to part-time work as of next week – for two and a half months – so blogging’s going to take a back-seat to my other responsibilities for a while. While my teaching hours aren’t particularly taxing, the research … Continue reading

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Read my Face

Autistic children struggle to identify other people’s emotions. Not being able to figure out when someone else is happy, sad, afraid or angry, can lead to a mess of other problems with their social interactions and behaviour more generally. I’m … Continue reading

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