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Psychological Damage Caused By Using Government Disability Support Services

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Before I was a mother of an autistic child, I had certain presumptions about the services a family like mine would be entitled to. I thought mothers who had to quit their jobs to look after their high needs children … Continue reading

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Justifying Murder?

I’ve seen a recent resurgence of my fellow autism parents being accused of justifying murder. They are accused of justifying murder because they bring up the issue of inadequate family support when faced with stories of parents murdering autistic children. The claim against … Continue reading

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Accessing Services for Special Needs in NZ; The Brick Wall Around A Mirage.

“The families with the greatest needs are the ones without the help.” The above is a quote from a Principal of a Special Needs School in New Zealand, in a recent news story on the death of yet another autistic … Continue reading

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Praise in Hindsight: Looking back on the therapists of his pre-school years

I was at once overwhelmed, and underwhelmed, by the help my son received for his autism in his pre-school years (from diagnosis at age three, to starting school at five years old). Overwhelmed, because I found myself swamped in so … Continue reading

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Hugging the Haters: Why hating autism is not so bad

If you express a hatred of autism, chances are very high that someone will come along and tell you how offensive your hatred is, without making any effort to either support or understand the person doing the hating. You may … Continue reading

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