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Of Angels, Parenting Coaches, Expectations, and Abnormalities (aka, a shh vs a mouth slap)

This is a tale of contradictions, expectations, and of trying not to laugh in the face of a parenting coach. It eventuates in a lesson about how parenting an autistic child has impacted on the way I parent his younger … Continue reading

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ASD and Language Impairment; Sometimes, they don’t understand more than you think…

I’ve very often heard people say to me – as if it was an accepted maxim of all children’s development – that they can always understand more than what they can say. It’s also often said in regards to autistic … Continue reading

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Speech Therapy Gatekeepers

After my eldest son’s autism diagnosis, he was placed on a waiting list for various government provided services, including speech therapy. Getting past all the gatekeepers to an actual speech therapist who is there to help my child, was a … Continue reading

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Food rewards in therapies for autistic children

Food was used as a reward in both ABA (a type of behavioural therapy) and PECS (a system used for speech therapy) for my autistic son. In both situations I felt very uncomfortable with this type of reward, for a … Continue reading

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To PECS, or not to PECS

I’ve always felt that the key to lessening the impact of autism on my son’s life, was speech therapy. (I’m not alone in that opinion, it is apparently the most used of all autism therapies). A good proportion of the … Continue reading

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Who or what is responsible for my son’s improvements?

When people see or hear how far my son has come in the past two years, they frequently end up telling me what they think caused the improvement. It is rarer that someone actually asks me what I think made … Continue reading

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My son’s most amusing sentences of 2010

Inspired by the comments I received on my previous post, I have decided to share my favourite sentences from my autistic son in 2010. He has only really started using sentences this year; he has come a very long way … Continue reading

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Autism Therapies

I’ve often thought how much easier it would have been over the past two years, to be dealing with a single expert on autism, instead of a wide range of therapies and therapists. There are some organisations and movements which … Continue reading

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A Dance of Joy

One of the most obvious behaviours that sets my five-year old son apart from other children, is what we have always called his “happy dance”: When he is excited or very happy, instead of simply laughing or smiling, he will … Continue reading

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