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Speech Therapy Gatekeepers

After my eldest son’s autism diagnosis, he was placed on a waiting list for various government provided services, including speech therapy. Getting past all the gatekeepers to an actual speech therapist who is there to help my child, was a … Continue reading

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To PECS, or not to PECS

I’ve always felt that the key to lessening the impact of autism on my son’s life, was speech therapy. (I’m not alone in that opinion, it is apparently the most used of all autism therapies). A good proportion of the … Continue reading

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A Silent Mother

One of the most upsetting and isolating behaviours by my autistic son, was when he refused to let me talk to anyone except him. This went on in varying degrees, for over six months. It severely affected my relationship with … Continue reading

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The Value of a Therapist

My son’s doctor once asked me which therapist I’d found most useful. There were a lot to choose from – my son has had speech therapy, occupational therapy, an educational psychologist, music therapy, ABA therapy, physiotherapy, and a few other … Continue reading

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