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What to look for when choosing a school for a child with special needs, in NZ

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One of the most challenging, and most important, decisions we make as parents of young children with special needs, is where to send them to school. I have two children with various special needs. One of my children has been … Continue reading

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From Fight to Flight; How I lost a school discrimination battle, and almost lost myself

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I’m going to share with you the story of how I lost a battle I never thought someone like me could lose, and how it almost ruined me in the process. It’s hard to share because I’m still living the … Continue reading

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Stand-down, Suspension, Exclusion, Expulsion; what do they mean and what are your rights?

A reader (and friend) recently asked me what rights someone has in New Zealand when they want to challenge a school’s decision about what to do about a student’s behaviour. In particular, she wanted to know about the processes and … Continue reading

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Fear of New Languages.

What if you believed your teacher at school was trying to make you forget how to speak? What if when you tried to resist their efforts, you were lectured about diversity and acceptance? Confused? So was my son, so was … Continue reading

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Low Decile Paradise?

Private, public, mainstream, special, high decile, low decile: Between my son’s and my own education, I’ve seen all these types of schools in action. I attended a private school, then high decile public schools. My son attended a mid-decile Special … Continue reading

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The M-Word.

I went to my son’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting a few days ago. Just me and his head teacher. I was expecting an update on progress towards meeting past goals, which I got. I was expecting a discussion of … Continue reading

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A Right to the Wrong Education?

I am told that my son has not only the right to a free education, but the right to an inclusive education: I am told that I may – and should – insist that he be educated within the mainstream … Continue reading

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Socialization as a reason to mainstream special needs children

(An introductory point on language through-out this post: I will refer mostly to autistic children as my example of a special needs child, since I am most familiar with autism. But most of my comments will apply equally well to … Continue reading

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Children are all on a spectrum – an argument for mainstream schooling.

As mentioned in a previous post about choosing between mainstream and special needs schooling, one of the arguments to support sending special needs children to mainstream schools, goes like this: All children belong on a spectrum of disabilities or problems … Continue reading

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