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Gathering Autism DNA, Part Two: Researchers Respond.

First, some necessary background: Prior to writing my previous post, I had attempted to contact the researchers involved in the New Zealand study which is gathering autism DNA. After receiving no response for a few days, I had decided to … Continue reading

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Gathering autism DNA; dis/benefits, ab/uses, and a question of knowledge.

There have been a fair few local news stories lately, about the new project here in New Zealand to gather and study the DNA of autistic individuals. The research project is currently actively recruiting people and seeking much-needed monetary donations. … Continue reading

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Change in the relationship between ADHD and Autism, in the DSM-5.

The DSM-5 (the updated diagnostic manual, due to come into effect next year), has made a change to the relationship between ADHD and autism. Previously, the two conditions could not officially be diagnosed together, due to an express exclusion under … Continue reading

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Autistics, atheists, and men, are mentally deficient..? Looking at a recent study’s findings on belief in god.

There’s a new study out (published May 30th 2012), entitled “Mentalizing Deficits Constrain Belief in a Personal God.” If you prefer not to read the study itself, you can read this news write-up “Autism May Diminish Belief in God.” The … Continue reading

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“NurtureShock”: Book review from the perspective of a parent of an autistic child

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As a general rule I now steer clear of “normal” parenting books. I read a few before the birth of my first son, but they quickly became irrelevant in the face of his challenges. Indeed, not just irrelevant, but also … Continue reading

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Update to guidelines for pharmacological interventions for ASD, in NZ

In March 2011, there was a supplementary paper released updating the guidelines in New Zealand, for three pharmacological interventions for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Those three interventions are aripiprazole, citalopram, and melatonin. This updates the 2008 government publication “New Zealand … Continue reading

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Not ready for introduction of routine screening for autism? Clarifying the issues.

There is a newly published journal article in Pediatrics, called “Early Autism Detection: Are We Ready for Routine Screening?“, that is causing a bit of concern and upset, since it’s conclusion is that we are not ready for the roll-out … Continue reading

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Survey for NZ parents who have sought ORS/ORRS for their child

This is a message specifically for my New Zealand readers. Please consider taking part in a current survey about your experiences with ORRS / ORS, and choosing a school for your child. The researchers are looking for anyone who has … Continue reading

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Autism Immersion; Reading the WRite Stuff

I’ve often wondered about whether it’s healthy for me to be so immersed in my son’s autism, and in autism in general. I write and follow blog posts about it, read books and talk about it, and live it whenever … Continue reading

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