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Autism Severity Scales: The current unofficial ones, and the new DSM-5 one.

Autism does not affect each autistic individual to the same extent. For some it is extraordinarily debilitating on a daily basis, and even life-threatening at times (due to factors like self-injurious behaviours, and certain interests and inabilities meaning a much … Continue reading

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Scientists, or Service Providers; Critiquing the Choice of Targets in the Attacks on DSM-5 Autism Changes

Today, I found myself reading yet another attack on the scientists in charge of the changes to the criteria for autism, that are due to come in with the DSM-5. And again, the attacks were made on the scientists because … Continue reading

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A Few Good Reasons to Like the DSM-5 Autism Criteria Changes

Concerns about the up-coming changes to the autism criteria in DSM-5, have now seeped their way into the wider autism community, and indeed into the broader public consciousness. The most popular critiques were originally directed at the loss of existing … Continue reading

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Intent vs Effect re the Exclusion of General Developmental Delay under ASD in the DSM-5

This post is a more in-depth analysis of the issue identified in an earlier post, in regards to the potential exclusion of those with intellectual disability from an autism diagnosis. This is a complex issue and I am open to … Continue reading

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Autism and Autisms: Defining a Label

Instead of using the cumbersome phrase of “autism spectrum disorder”, or having to constantly explain it’s abbreviation of ASD, most people refer to this spectrum of conditions simply as “autism”. This simplification in terminology can be deceiving, and even harmful; … Continue reading

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