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Review of “Different… Not Less.” (A Collection of Life Stories from Autistic Adults.)

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“Different… Not Less” is a compilation of life stories from 14 adults on the autism spectrum. The stories were brought together by Temple Grandin, who also has a chapter at the start and end of the book, and briefly introduces … Continue reading

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A Depersonalized Motherhood (aka, Parents are People Too).

The idealized “mother” is a self-contradictory creature: I am, at all times, the perfect and deeply flawed mother, depending on what ideology and latest-guru you consult. It is quite simply impossible to be the perfect mother from all perspectives, and … Continue reading

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Feelings; you’re doing it wrong.

I’m tired of being told (and reading about) what to feel and not feel, in regards to my son’s autism. How I feel about his autism is a reflection of scores of factors that others do not have access to: … Continue reading

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Discipline and Autism

How to discipline, and not discipline, your children, is a topic that every parent has had to think about and form an opinion on. It’s been a very public topic throughout my adult years – with ongoing debates about laws … Continue reading

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Less than a Mother, in the World of Oughtisms

One of the consequences of having an autistic child, was being left with the feeling that I am less than his mother: That I am his babysitter, teacher, therapist. I am all these positions and carry the responsibilities that come … Continue reading

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Autism: The Popular Disorder

Autism is considered by some to be a “popular” disorder: The theory goes that there are parents who like labelling their child Autistic, because it is a cool diagnosis, or a handy excuse for bad parenting. In support of these … Continue reading

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Thomas and the TV Debate

It’s the common parenting wisdom now that there are no benefits and plenty of detriments, to exposing your preschool children to TV. I’m of the view that as long as you monitor what they’re watching, make it interactive, and give … Continue reading

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Causes and Cures for Autism, and the Neurotic Parent

Before I knew my son had Autism, the only cause I had heard of, was vaccinations. But since then I have heard a wide and ever-growing list of causes – from vinyl floors, to jaundice, to bad parenting. Just about … Continue reading

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