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Seinfeld’s Autism; A Symptom of So Much Else.

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Jerry Seinfeld recently shared the view that he feels he may be autistic, if autism was taken to a very “drawn-out scale.” Of course we all know that if you take autism to a very drawn-out scale, it’s not autism … Continue reading

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Individualism Disorder

I felt compelled to put this together after recent conversations I’ve had with professionals working with both my somewhat-abnormal children, and getting frustrated with people not recognising that someone can be an individual and have or not have a neurological condition. Similarly someone can have a neurological condition … Continue reading

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“Will he ever be normal?”

A month or so back, I was having a friendly chat with a neighbour. He was a nice man, who has only ever been accepting towards our family. He’s seen my son move from a rather severely impacted autistic child, … Continue reading

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Certifiably Normal; Keep Calm and Carry On.

As my long-term readers will be well aware, I have no issue with the word “normal.” Some people abuse and misuse the word, but some people abuse and misuse pretty much every concept ever conceived of, so I’m not holding … Continue reading

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“Neurotypical:” For want of a better word.

There’s a new post up at “The Tumultuous Truth,” questioning the accuracy and usefulness of the term “neurotypical.” (“Neurotypical. Who Exactly?“) It’s a short post (just three paragraphs) but it packed a punch for me, since I’ve been using the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Being Your Normal

The word “normal” gets a bad rap these days. The idea of normalcy is attacked and undermined with the aim of leaving it toothless; supposedly also then removing the sting in the tail of identifying someone as “abnormal” and (thereby) … Continue reading

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The Perfect Little (Autistic) Baby

My first son was frequently called a “perfect baby”. Within a couple of months, he’d sleep a good eight hours in a row at night. He had many long day naps as he got older, and wouldn’t wake easily. He … Continue reading

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