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Anatomy of a Neurotypical Mother

My son is autistic, I am not, but neither am I neurotypical. I’m not a fan of the term “neurotypical,” I don’t find it meaningful or helpful. I’ve analysed and attacked its use before, so I won’t retread that path. … Continue reading

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“Neurotypical:” For want of a better word.

There’s a new post up at “The Tumultuous Truth,” questioning the accuracy and usefulness of the term “neurotypical.” (“Neurotypical. Who Exactly?“) It’s a short post (just three paragraphs) but it packed a punch for me, since I’ve been using the … Continue reading

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The gift of a neurotypical brother

I want to preface what I’m about to write, by saying that I have always loved my autistic son. I have always chosen to be closely involved with his daily life and to help him with his daily struggles. But … Continue reading

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Refined, better, or different parenting?

Before I had my first child I put a lot of thought and time into figuring out good parenting skills. I watched all the right programmes and documentaries, read the right books, and spoke to the right people. I went … Continue reading

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Autism, Choice, and Morality.

Autism affects almost every aspect of the person’s life – their speech, movements, relationships, senses, their very thought-patterns. And so (the argument goes), to love a person with autism, is to love autism – the person and the condition cannot … Continue reading

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