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Breastfeeding, Autism, and Mobile Phone Masts

I stopped breastfeeding my son at 14 months, after multiple futile efforts to stop him biting. It’s possible that the enormous difficulty I had, was related to his autism, since he couldn’t read my face: My tears and cries of … Continue reading

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Assessing severity of autism, therapies, and progress.

It’s important to be able to assess how well a therapy is working for your autistic child, and more generally, whether their autism is getting better or worse. My favourite tool for measuring both, is this online ATEC (“Autism Treatment … Continue reading

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An Instance of Autism.

Many people I have met do not know what Autism looks like, or what it is, some even deny it is an actual condition (as opposed to simply bad parenting). So I think it is important to provide an intimate … Continue reading

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Stop breeding, your next child might have special needs…

The first professional to identify my son as Autistic was his doctor, when my son was three. And the first piece of advice he gave me about this newly discovered fact was that I should consider not having any more … Continue reading

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