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Justifying Murder?

I’ve seen a recent resurgence of my fellow autism parents being accused of justifying murder. They are accused of justifying murder because they bring up the issue of inadequate family support when faced with stories of parents murdering autistic children. The claim against … Continue reading

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The Non-Murdering Parent

There is an ugly, nasty, and logically incoherent view-point that I prefer not to dwell on, because I like to think it is so extreme that no one would provide a public or reputable forum for this view to be … Continue reading

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Altruistic, Pyschotic, or Unwanted Child Filicide? The Question of Kelli and Issy.

Kelli Stapleton attempted to kill her teenage daughter who has severe autism, and to kill herself at the same time. She did not succeed in either task. Her daughter is apparently recovering well, and the mother is in custody. This … Continue reading

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The Errors and Impact of the NZ documentary, “Wired Differently”

In the wake of the passionate and high levels of interest in the autistic Christchurch looter case, “Sunday” released another autism related story last weekend, called “Wired Differently.” Even before the documentary aired, the teaser was under attack for inaccuracies, … Continue reading

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