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To PECS, or not to PECS

I’ve always felt that the key to lessening the impact of autism on my son’s life, was speech therapy. (I’m not alone in that opinion, it is apparently the most used of all autism therapies). A good proportion of the … Continue reading

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Invisible Red Paint, and the Not-Fun Mum

“Invisible red paint” is an analogy I came up with years ago, to describe some of my son’s more confusing and upsetting behaviour. I didn’t have other terminology to describe it back then; this behaviour was well in place prior … Continue reading

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My Son’s Anchors

On the dining room table is a yellow bucket, containing five toys with mirrored surfaces. Along-side this bucket, are four time-devices (two alarm clocks, one wall clock, and a watch). Upstairs in my son’s bedroom he has a slinky, three … Continue reading

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Observations in Darkness, Part One: The Missing Photos

When my son was born, I predictably went over-board with the photo-taking. I couldn’t get enough of my gorgeous child. I particularly wanted to capture all his “firsts”, but they were few and far between. He was in no hurry … Continue reading

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Standing in the Sun

As my son’s developmental delays and behavioural issues became more obvious, I moved through changes in the way I would typically interact with other parents in public settings. Prior to the diagnosis I’d deal with his problems in public by … Continue reading

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