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My son said something about autism, that shocked and frightened me. After it was said and the incident was dealt with, I tried to decide if it was the sort of thing I could or should share on my blog, … Continue reading

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Love and Acceptance, You’re Doing It Wrong..?

Did you know that you don’t really love your child, and that you’re lying when you say you do, because of your attitude towards their autism? No? Quote from a very recent comment over at Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism: … Continue reading

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I almost love you…

My husband and I decided to visit my mother at her work earlier this week. She’d been away over the Easter break and I was keen to catch up. So we set about getting the children ready, which of course … Continue reading

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I am aware

There’s been a lot of controversy about the worth of World Autism Awareness Day (and month), especially amongst those of us who raise awareness about autism everyday already by speaking and writing about it. I agree with a lot of … Continue reading

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Why do you love him?

We’ve had contact with many different help groups over the past two years – some by referral through other (mostly government) organisations, some by direct contact. There was one we had been referred to, which took over a year to … Continue reading

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