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Sitting Exams in the Dark: The Growing Problem with Special Assessment Conditions

Imagine yourself sitting at a desk in a large hall with hundreds of other students. You’re about to sit an important exam, the results of which are very likely to impact on your future education and employment prospects. Everyone is … Continue reading

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Humour in Intentional Error; why my autistic son will fail your test.

This is inspired by a post I’ve just read over at “The Tumultuous Truth”. I started writing a comment on Sharon’s post, and realised it was turning into post length, so I’ve decided to turn it into a proper post … Continue reading

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Children are all on a spectrum – an argument for mainstream schooling.

As mentioned in a previous post about choosing between mainstream and special needs schooling, one of the arguments to support sending special needs children to mainstream schools, goes like this: All children belong on a spectrum of disabilities or problems … Continue reading

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