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Stand-down, Suspension, Exclusion, Expulsion; what do they mean and what are your rights?

A reader (and friend) recently asked me what rights someone has in New Zealand when they want to challenge a school’s decision about what to do about a student’s behaviour. In particular, she wanted to know about the processes and … Continue reading

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Disability Representation on School Boards of Trustees.

Here in New Zealand, legislation and the New Zealand School Trustees Association, (“NZSTA”) both encourage school boards of trustees to be representative of their community. Specifically, they advise that when a school board is seeking to co-opt or appoint new … Continue reading

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What’s (so very very) wrong with “Funded Family Care?”

Our Government appears to be laughing in the faces of the severely disabled and their carers with its new support system. As I read through the requirements, steps, and parties involved in the new system, my jaw just kept dropping … Continue reading

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Autism Grows Up: Issues for autistic adults highlighted in Radio NZ interviews.

I happened upon two interviews today, that aired on August 25th on Radio New Zealand, covering issues affecting autistic adults (in New Zealand, but it’s clear these issues are international ones too). They made up a regular segment that Radio … Continue reading

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Altruistic, Pyschotic, or Unwanted Child Filicide? The Question of Kelli and Issy.

Kelli Stapleton attempted to kill her teenage daughter who has severe autism, and to kill herself at the same time. She did not succeed in either task. Her daughter is apparently recovering well, and the mother is in custody. This … Continue reading

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Restructuring the disabled out of a job; why I am boycotting KFC New Zealand (updated).

Update: KFC has backtracked under public and political pressure, and is finding ways to re-employ their disabled employees! Thank you to everyone who shared the news story, shared my post, and boycotted KFC with us over the past month. We … Continue reading

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When is a win, a loss? Why the NZ Govt is under attack for its Bill on paying family carers

You may recall the case that was fought and won against the New Zealand Government, forcing the Government to accept that it should have been paying family members to care for their disabled children. In response to the case, the … Continue reading

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Wrongful Life?

A woman had a 20 week pregnancy scan. The scan was read incorrectly, she was told her baby had no abnormalities. Her baby was born with spina bifida. The people who performed the scan admit they had made an error. … Continue reading

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Voting discrimination, and do the disabled get a right to vote in NZ?

Today I came across a story from Minnesota, where voting rights for the mentally disabled has become a hot topic. Currently the law there presupposes their right to vote, unless a judge determines otherwise. There is a movement – and … Continue reading

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Autism in Prisons

Autistic people in general, do crave and follow rules. Rules provide a certainty of action and consequence, to someone who finds the world and its social conventions, confusing unpredictable and upsetting. This attraction to rules is seen in the hyper-morality … Continue reading

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