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Your Voice Has Not Been Approved

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I’ve been a very quiet blogger lately, quiet enough that you may have suspected I’d quit blogging. Hell, even I suspected I’d quit blogging. I’d started a new career, been published, moved house, got two new insanely adorable kittens, and … Continue reading

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Controlled Conversation

My son’s relationship with the spoken word, is a combative one. Combative not just in his own attempt to master the use and meaning of language, but also in his attempts to control others’ use of words. The most alarming … Continue reading

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Fear of New Languages.

What if you believed your teacher at school was trying to make you forget how to speak? What if when you tried to resist their efforts, you were lectured about diversity and acceptance? Confused? So was my son, so was … Continue reading

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Review of “Super Silly Sayings,” A Book of Idioms.

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My autistic son struggles with those very many idioms that people so effortlessly and often use. Where other children might learn the sayings through repeated usage, or not understand the sayings but find them nevertheless amusing, my son had a … Continue reading

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“Neurotypical:” For want of a better word.

There’s a new post up at “The Tumultuous Truth,” questioning the accuracy and usefulness of the term “neurotypical.” (“Neurotypical. Who Exactly?“) It’s a short post (just three paragraphs) but it packed a punch for me, since I’ve been using the … Continue reading

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Concern Over Politically Correct Autism Rhetoric

I write over twice as many posts as I ever publish. Sometimes it’s because I want to think further over what I’ve written (and never come back to the post because life gets in the way). But the vast majority … Continue reading

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Can the elephant see our house?

My five year-old autistic son makes full use of his developing language to ask some very interesting questions about the world. It used to be so rare to have him put a meaningful sentence together that I’d write it down … Continue reading

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Reply to “Cornering Slim Shady in the Round Barn” re the definition of Neurodiversity

I wrote a post a week ago about the problems with defining “Neurodiversity.” The questions I posed in that piece remain un-answered (and perhaps that is because there are no answers; I will discuss that and its consequences later in … Continue reading

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Speaking his own ideas, his own mind: Language, autism, and discussions of death

My son’s language acquisition has been very slow and abnormal (or normal for an autistic child). Though he has remarkably and impressively improved over the past two years (and the last year in particular), his sentences continue to be rehashes … Continue reading

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What it means to have acceptance of autism

“Acceptance of autism” is seen by some as a passive and defeatist stance, by others as a positive first step towards the best future for your child, and by yet others as an un-necessary statement that implies either a negative … Continue reading

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