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An Inconvenient Existence

Getting past a wheelchair that’s blocking the path; putting up with the screams of an intellectually disabled child in a restaurant; changing what’s in your child’s lunchbox to avoid the presence of deadly allergens that some other child reacts to … Continue reading

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ASD and Language Impairment; Sometimes, they don’t understand more than you think…

I’ve very often heard people say to me – as if it was an accepted maxim of all children’s development – that they can always understand more than what they can say. It’s also often said in regards to autistic … Continue reading

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Intent vs Effect re the Exclusion of General Developmental Delay under ASD in the DSM-5

This post is a more in-depth analysis of the issue identified in an earlier post, in regards to the potential exclusion of those with intellectual disability from an autism diagnosis. This is a complex issue and I am open to … Continue reading

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“He’s not intellectually disabled; he’s just intellectually disabled,” ASD & ID

Discussions of intelligence and autism get heated very quickly. There are passionately divergent views; some seeing astoundingly high intellect as part-in-parcel with the autistic mind, with others claiming low intelligence levels almost always come hand-in-hand with an autism diagnosis. These … Continue reading

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