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Autism Severity Scales: The current unofficial ones, and the new DSM-5 one.

Autism does not affect each autistic individual to the same extent. For some it is extraordinarily debilitating on a daily basis, and even life-threatening at times (due to factors like self-injurious behaviours, and certain interests and inabilities meaning a much … Continue reading

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My changing son, and what autism might mean to him.

I am exhausted, which is a good reason not to write a post. But I have so many ideas and thoughts floating around in my head tonight, I can feel them slowly coming together, and it helps to organise my … Continue reading

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Unfriendly Consequences: What competition for limited resources does to the autism community and autism families

What happens to a community of people facing the same challenges, forced to compete for limited resources (particularly government resources)? The effects I’ve seen at a local level – here in New Zealand – appear to be replicated overseas, according … Continue reading

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