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Dental Fear or Dental Care

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My children’s dentist is a free dental clinic attached to a school that is about half an hour’s drive from home. It’s not close, it’s not convenient, and I could get free dental care for the kids directly through their … Continue reading

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You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. I want to explain why, and it goes to an issue that has been all too current in the media in the past couple of months: The importance of caring … Continue reading

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Keep Your Karma to Yourself (AKA, Disabled People Are Not Just Consequences).

Sometimes, I write posts that express a new idea I’m still processing and so it may come off a bit roughspun. This is one of those posts. Go gently on me! We toss around the notion of karma like a … Continue reading

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Stealthy and Unhealthy Mental Health Screening? NZ’s B4 School Check. Part Two: Public Perception of Stigma and Mental Health.

[Edit: My views on this have since changed in some regards, please see the post here for clarification.] This is a continuation from the previous post, looking at the controversies surrounding the use of the SDQ in New Zealand’s “B4 … Continue reading

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Stealthy and Unhealthy Mental Health Screening? NZ’s “B4 School Check” (Part One)

[Edit: Some of my views expressed in this post, have now changed, please see the post here for clarification.] At the age of four – prior to starting school – every child in New Zealand is meant to have a “B4 School … Continue reading

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Questioning Pain: Autism, and the experience and expression of pain

A recent comment on the “About” section of my blog, prompted me to investigate the question of pain and autism. I was already familiar with the notion that autistic people frequently report higher thresholds of pain, and are less expressive … Continue reading


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Thoughts on The Line Between Health and Education

Experience soon teaches us that we learn better when we are physically and mentally well; we all have experienced the flu, or extreme stress or depression, something that made us perform well below our capacity. This truth is recognised within … Continue reading

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The Green Paper for Vulnerable Children; My Submission via Autism NZ

The New Zealand government is currently asking for submissions from the public, on the topic of vulnerable children. “Vulnerable children” is a very broad grouping, which includes abused, neglected, and disadvantaged children; “disadvantaged” includes children who are living in poverty, … Continue reading

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The Evil AfterBirth

Autism has been linked with difficult births. So it doesn’t surprise me that I’m often asked if there was anything unusual with the pregnancy or birth of my first-born son. I’ve decided to do some posts that answer that question. … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Brothers, Jaundice, and Autism

I’ve been meaning to post on the topic of jaundice for a while, but I’ve finally been spurred to do this by a recent post at Left Brain / Right Brain. That post gave a nice summary of the current … Continue reading

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