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Psychological Damage Caused By Using Government Disability Support Services

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Before I was a mother of an autistic child, I had certain presumptions about the services a family like mine would be entitled to. I thought mothers who had to quit their jobs to look after their high needs children … Continue reading

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Turning Disability Rights Against The Disabled.

You’d think the topic of disability rights would be familiar to me, since rights were a recurring theme throughout my legal and philosophical training. Yet during those nine years at university, the topic rarely arose. We looked at the rights … Continue reading

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Why you should refuse the SDQ as part of the “B4 School Check.”

The “B4 School Check” is an interview process that is meant to identify any issues a child may have before they begin school. The interview is done through a family’s usual GP, and includes forms that are filled out by … Continue reading

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What’s (so very very) wrong with “Funded Family Care?”

Our Government appears to be laughing in the faces of the severely disabled and their carers with its new support system. As I read through the requirements, steps, and parties involved in the new system, my jaw just kept dropping … Continue reading

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Diagnosing Diagnosis

The question of diagnosis, is a separate question from the existence of the thing that is being diagnosed. To put it another way: Whether someone has received a diagnosis or not, will not definitely tell you if that person has … Continue reading

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Of Tatty Teddy Bears and Martyrs.

Not long after my son’s autism diagnosis, I found myself attending a meeting in a WINZ office (that’s the benefits arm of the Government, for the non-New Zealanders). I had the paper-work from my son’s Developmental Pediatrician, confirming that I … Continue reading

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When is a win, a loss? Why the NZ Govt is under attack for its Bill on paying family carers

You may recall the case that was fought and won against the New Zealand Government, forcing the Government to accept that it should have been paying family members to care for their disabled children. In response to the case, the … Continue reading

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Better Off Without You

April 2013, an old post of mine receives a comment that awaits moderation. The first time I read it my heart pounds, because it is threatening and abusive. It encourages me to kill my child because of his disability, and … Continue reading

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“Carer Support Days”: A Flawed and Failing Support System, that invites Fraud

There is $2280 of funding, aimed at supporting myself and my husband as carers of a disabled child, that we don’t access each year. We didn’t access it at all last year, we’ve just been told we’ve been granted it … Continue reading

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Making sense of the NZ Court of Appeal decision on paying parents as carers

Yesterday the New Zealand Court of Appeal released its decision confirming the outcome of two previous rulings (at the Human Rights Review Tribunal and the High Court): That it is discrimination for the Government to have a rule against paying … Continue reading

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