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Private Versus Public Schools, for Special Needs: The example of the Mt Hobson Middle School controversy

It was with a sad sense of deja vu that I read a story today on Stuff.co.nz, about the treatment of an autistic child at a high decile private school here in New Zealand. The story is one of miscommunication, … Continue reading

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What’s (so very very) wrong with “Funded Family Care?”

Our Government appears to be laughing in the faces of the severely disabled and their carers with its new support system. As I read through the requirements, steps, and parties involved in the new system, my jaw just kept dropping … Continue reading

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Accessing Services for Special Needs in NZ; The Brick Wall Around A Mirage.

“The families with the greatest needs are the ones without the help.” The above is a quote from a Principal of a Special Needs School in New Zealand, in a recent news story on the death of yet another autistic … Continue reading

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The Consultation on Paying Family Carers to Provide Disability Support; Why I’m Not Impressed.

The New Zealand Government decided not to appeal the court decision that ruled in favour of the Ministry of Health paying people to care for their own family members (a decision delivered in June this year). That is to say, … Continue reading

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Campbell Live’s “Struggling through the system,” and the NZ Education System (+ poll)

Tonight, the current affairs show “Campbell Live,” produced yet another story about the education system here in New Zealand letting down children with special needs. The story is entitled “Struggling through the system.” It is about a 13-year-old girl who … Continue reading

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Scientists, or Service Providers; Critiquing the Choice of Targets in the Attacks on DSM-5 Autism Changes

Today, I found myself reading yet another attack on the scientists in charge of the changes to the criteria for autism, that are due to come in with the DSM-5. And again, the attacks were made on the scientists because … Continue reading

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“Carer Support Days”: A Flawed and Failing Support System, that invites Fraud

There is $2280 of funding, aimed at supporting myself and my husband as carers of a disabled child, that we don’t access each year. We didn’t access it at all last year, we’ve just been told we’ve been granted it … Continue reading

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The Errors and Impact of the NZ documentary, “Wired Differently”

In the wake of the passionate and high levels of interest in the autistic Christchurch looter case, “Sunday” released another autism related story last weekend, called “Wired Differently.” Even before the documentary aired, the teaser was under attack for inaccuracies, … Continue reading

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From Diagnosis to Support, Part Two: Funding for starting school

Once my son’s fifth birthday loomed, it was time to work on his ORRS application. ORRS stands for Ongoing and Reviewable Resourcing Scheme, it is administered and supplied by the Ministry of Education. If his application was approved, he would … Continue reading

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