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The National Party’s Disability / Autism-Relevant Policies, in the 2011 General Election

The National Party has led the New Zealand Government over the past few years and, of course, are running in the elections (held this upcoming Saturday, yes that means these political posts will be finished soon!) to retain that leadership … Continue reading

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NZ Labour Party’s Disability Policy (particularly as relevant to autism families).

The Labour Party is one of the two major Political Parties running in this year’s General Election in New Zealand. There’s a lot of information about their disability / autism-relevant policies, drip-fed over the past few months. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Libertarianz Policy Relevant to Autism / Disability Issues, in the 2011 NZ General Election

One of the many minor political Parties running in the 2011 NZ General Elections, is the Libertarianz Party. Their disability policy can be found on their website, here. It is the most confrontational disability policy I have encountered so far … Continue reading

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ACT’s Disability-Relevant Policies, NZ Election 2011

As the 2011 New Zealand General Election moves ever closer (under three weeks to go), I’m still struggling to access all the Parties’ policies on – or relevant to – disability (with my particular focus on how those policies impact … Continue reading

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“United Future” Policies, and Autism

I’ve done a lot of hunting through the policies of the Parties running in the upcoming New Zealand General Election; trying to find their express views on disability, particularly as they impact on autism families. The difficulty of finding their … Continue reading

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An Eye on Autism in the 2011 New Zealand Elections: Introductory Post

The national elections in New Zealand, will be taking place on November 26th 2011 (click here for the election timetable). Leading up the fateful day, various political parties and candidates will of course be sharing their views and policies on … Continue reading

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