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How to negate positive outcomes of the DSM-5 autism changes.

I was not entirely opposed to the DSM-5 changes to the criteria for an autism diagnosis; I saw many benefits, which I outlined in a previous post. Now that the DSM-5 is finalized and available (to those who can afford … Continue reading

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Allen Frances on the Problem with the Primacy of Diagnosis, and the DSM-5

“Allen Frances” is a name that doesn’t come with positive connotations, in the autism world, principally because of his out-spoken views on the over-diagnosis of autism. Those who think autism is caused by environmental assault or vaccines, think he is … Continue reading

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A Few Good Reasons to Like the DSM-5 Autism Criteria Changes

Concerns about the up-coming changes to the autism criteria in DSM-5, have now seeped their way into the wider autism community, and indeed into the broader public consciousness. The most popular critiques were originally directed at the loss of existing … Continue reading

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Drastic drop in ASD diagnosis variations from DSM-IV (2027+) to the proposed DSM-5 (just 11!)

Back in February 2011, Jon Brock of the most excellent blog, “Cracking the Enigma,” wrote a post about the current number of variations in autism diagnoses. He explained that the variations are important to researchers in the field, and to … Continue reading

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