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Is the DSM-5 the correct culprit in loss of services?

There is a concerning statement released from the Autism Action Network (AAN), that claims there have been losses of services to autistic individuals because of the DSM-5. In response to this loss of services, AAN are trying to block the … Continue reading

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How to negate positive outcomes of the DSM-5 autism changes.

I was not entirely opposed to the DSM-5 changes to the criteria for an autism diagnosis; I saw many benefits, which I outlined in a previous post. Now that the DSM-5 is finalized and available (to those who can afford … Continue reading

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New DSM-5 autism criteria allows for lost symptoms: “On the basis of history alone.”

I was watching a new video released by the American Psychiatric Association, on the changes to the autism criteria, when something that was said made me rewind and replay it, because it was a game-changer that I hadn’t heard mentioned … Continue reading

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Asperger’s: “A fancy name to describe people who are rude.”

In an opinion piece in the main national newspaper here in New Zealand, Paul Little has a rant about the changing fads of diagnostic labels. He predicts that “depression” will no longer be a condition by mid-century, then goes on … Continue reading

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Change in the relationship between ADHD and Autism, in the DSM-5.

The DSM-5 (the updated diagnostic manual, due to come into effect next year), has made a change to the relationship between ADHD and autism. Previously, the two conditions could not officially be diagnosed together, due to an express exclusion under … Continue reading

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Autism Severity Scales: The current unofficial ones, and the new DSM-5 one.

Autism does not affect each autistic individual to the same extent. For some it is extraordinarily debilitating on a daily basis, and even life-threatening at times (due to factors like self-injurious behaviours, and certain interests and inabilities meaning a much … Continue reading

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Autism in the ICD-10 / ICD-11 vs the DSM-IV / DSM-5

The dominant diagnostic instrument used to identify autism in New Zealand, is the DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition, Text Revision). The DSM-IV was published in 1994, and the text revision in 2000. (Those revisions did include some changes … Continue reading

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Allen Frances on the Problem with the Primacy of Diagnosis, and the DSM-5

“Allen Frances” is a name that doesn’t come with positive connotations, in the autism world, principally because of his out-spoken views on the over-diagnosis of autism. Those who think autism is caused by environmental assault or vaccines, think he is … Continue reading

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Scientists, or Service Providers; Critiquing the Choice of Targets in the Attacks on DSM-5 Autism Changes

Today, I found myself reading yet another attack on the scientists in charge of the changes to the criteria for autism, that are due to come in with the DSM-5. And again, the attacks were made on the scientists because … Continue reading

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Review of Adam Feinstein’s “A History of Autism: Conversations with the Pioneers”

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Adam Feinsteins book, “A History of Autism: Conversations with the Pioneers”, is reminiscent of the better known book of two years prior, “Unstrange Minds” by Roy Richard Grinker. (Feinstein’s book was published in 2010, Grinker’s in 2008.) Both books consider … Continue reading

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