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Keep Your Karma to Yourself (AKA, Disabled People Are Not Just Consequences).

Sometimes, I write posts that express a new idea I’m still processing and so it may come off a bit roughspun. This is one of those posts. Go gently on me! We toss around the notion of karma like a … Continue reading

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The endless anxieties of “everything matters,” and the question of medication

My son’s autism is punctuated by extremely high anxiety levels; so high, and so hard to manage, that we specifically asked his developmental pediatrician to re-evaluate him for a separate anxiety disorder in addition to the autism, and to consider … Continue reading

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An Instance of Autism.

Many people I have met do not know what Autism looks like, or what it is, some even deny it is an actual condition (as opposed to simply bad parenting). So I think it is important to provide an intimate … Continue reading

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Stop breeding, your next child might have special needs…

The first professional to identify my son as Autistic was his doctor, when my son was three. And the first piece of advice he gave me about this newly discovered fact was that I should consider not having any more … Continue reading

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Beautiful Chaos

It is hard navigating the minefield of modern parenting… even harder when you hit an actual mine before you make your first parenting decision. It would have been nice if the only issues I had to deal with were the … Continue reading

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