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Seclusion versus Time Out, and Alternatives

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Why is it so wrong for schools to use seclusion, how is it any different from time out, and is time out a good idea anyway – what are the alternatives? These are important questions, that have come to the … Continue reading

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Autism and Violence Rhetoric: Explanation, Excuse, Justification?

To the multitude who have arrived at this post by searching for “autism and violence” in the wake of the mass shooting in the USA: Nothing in this post is relevant to those types of events. The sorts of people … Continue reading

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A Sad Story of Sorries

My husband and I have to be particularly careful about what we teach our son, because if he takes the wrong meaning or application, it can take literally months to unteach or reteach it. The most recent example is something … Continue reading

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To PECS, or not to PECS

I’ve always felt that the key to lessening the impact of autism on my son’s life, was speech therapy. (I’m not alone in that opinion, it is apparently the most used of all autism therapies). A good proportion of the … Continue reading

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Discipline and Autism

How to discipline, and not discipline, your children, is a topic that every parent has had to think about and form an opinion on. It’s been a very public topic throughout my adult years – with ongoing debates about laws … Continue reading

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