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Justifying Murder?

I’ve seen a recent resurgence of my fellow autism parents being accused of justifying murder. They are accused of justifying murder because they bring up the issue of inadequate family support when faced with stories of parents murdering autistic children. The claim against … Continue reading


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Restructuring the disabled out of a job; why I am boycotting KFC New Zealand (updated).

Update: KFC has backtracked under public and political pressure, and is finding ways to re-employ their disabled employees! Thank you to everyone who shared the news story, shared my post, and boycotted KFC with us over the past month. We … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Existence

Getting past a wheelchair that’s blocking the path; putting up with the screams of an intellectually disabled child in a restaurant; changing what’s in your child’s lunchbox to avoid the presence of deadly allergens that some other child reacts to … Continue reading

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Of Tatty Teddy Bears and Martyrs.

Not long after my son’s autism diagnosis, I found myself attending a meeting in a WINZ office (that’s the benefits arm of the Government, for the non-New Zealanders). I had the paper-work from my son’s Developmental Pediatrician, confirming that I … Continue reading

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Libertarianz Policy Relevant to Autism / Disability Issues, in the 2011 NZ General Election

One of the many minor political Parties running in the 2011 NZ General Elections, is the Libertarianz Party. Their disability policy can be found on their website, here. It is the most confrontational disability policy I have encountered so far … Continue reading

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Abortion of the Disabled; An International Crime? The New Zealand Down Syndrome Question

Here in New Zealand, the anti-abortion organisation “Right to Life” has announced that it is going to take the government to the International Criminal Court, for pregnancy screening practices that identify Down syndrome children. They claim that about 90% of … Continue reading

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