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When I was dragged into the world of disability by my eldest son, I was forced to confront a lot of new and uncomfortable truths – truths about people, about society, and about myself. I couldn’t stay who I was … Continue reading

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Do You See?

My seven-year old autistic son has school sores on his nostril and upper lip. (This is not a nice way to start a post, but stick with me.) The doctor has prescribed him antibiotics and a regime of soaking the … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Disability and Rudeness, on a Halloween in NZ (Part Two).

(Continued from Part One.) The night before Halloween, my son and I decided to give it a second chance, and headed off for a quick evening shop for Halloween supplies. We managed to piece together a wizard outfit from a … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Disability and Rudeness, on a Halloween in NZ (Part One).

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Yesterday my son and I both experienced something for the first time: Trick-or-treating on Halloween. Halloween is relatively new to my country, and is still very widely attacked here as an unwanted Americanism which is all about rude kids wanting … Continue reading

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Voting discrimination, and do the disabled get a right to vote in NZ?

Today I came across a story from Minnesota, where voting rights for the mentally disabled has become a hot topic. Currently the law there presupposes their right to vote, unless a judge determines otherwise. There is a movement – and … Continue reading

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Positive spin, romanticism, and distortion, of autism

Imagine a hyperactive child, whose behaviour is negatively affecting their learning and home life. Do they need a diet change, medication, and better discipline, or do they need a different learning environment and more accepting parents and teachers who embrace … Continue reading

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The forgotten physical impacts of autism (aka, my son the Superman)

The public perception of autism is that it is only about the mind or brain, there seems to be little or no appreciation of the impact autism has on the body. My son is one of the “estimated 60%–80% of … Continue reading

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A Right to the Wrong Education?

I am told that my son has not only the right to a free education, but the right to an inclusive education: I am told that I may – and should – insist that he be educated within the mainstream … Continue reading

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