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Review of Paul Offit’s “Autism’s False Prophets”

As I read “Autism’s False Prophets”, I found myself wishing that I’d read it years ago, so I could have been better informed and prepared to deal with all the misinformation about autism, and the dangerous therapies offered for autistic … Continue reading

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I am aware

There’s been a lot of controversy about the worth of World Autism Awareness Day (and month), especially amongst those of us who raise awareness about autism everyday already by speaking and writing about it. I agree with a lot of … Continue reading

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Ought to vaccine or Autism Vaccine: Part 2, Money vs Science

The following claim is easy to make, and made far too often: “Anyone who speaks out pro-vaccination, in the face of the over-whelming evidence of it causing autism, must be funded by a corporation that makes a tidy profit from … Continue reading

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