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The Storyteller

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When I started this blog, I was my son’s storyteller. His communication skills were so limited, and the future of those skills still so unclear; there was a good chance I would always be his storyteller, as the person in … Continue reading

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Fear of New Languages.

What if you believed your teacher at school was trying to make you forget how to speak? What if when you tried to resist their efforts, you were lectured about diversity and acceptance? Confused? So was my son, so was … Continue reading

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Understanding and Reacting to “Non-Compliance:” A Letter to Teachers.

The following is a letter I have just written that I shall be giving to my son’s teaching team next week. He has attended a mainstream school since the start of this year, prior to that he spent two years … Continue reading

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Gathering Autism DNA, Part Two: Researchers Respond.

First, some necessary background: Prior to writing my previous post, I had attempted to contact the researchers involved in the New Zealand study which is gathering autism DNA. After receiving no response for a few days, I had decided to … Continue reading

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Put down that iPad, pick up that PECS box?

Everyday my Facebook feed is littered with the latest miracle stories of how an iPad (or similar device) has helped an autistic child to communicate. Some of those stories are shared from the web, but most of them are from … Continue reading

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The Tattle-Tale Autistic

Why do we tell children not to be tattle-tales; not to tell an authority figure when someone else has done something wrong? In theory it is because we want them to work on the issue themselves and find their own … Continue reading

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You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you…

I’m going to start off with a little story to establish my empathy and understanding. And then I’m going to go on the attack. First, the story: Over the weekend, I wrote a rather lengthy treatise to my son’s head … Continue reading

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His Guide to Appropriateness, Criminality, and The Good: Can you still drive?

My six year-old son has figured out a way to understand what is good and what is appropriate in this world: does it affect your ability to drive. Knowing how important driving is to him, can make it easy to … Continue reading

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Concern Over Politically Correct Autism Rhetoric

I write over twice as many posts as I ever publish. Sometimes it’s because I want to think further over what I’ve written (and never come back to the post because life gets in the way). But the vast majority … Continue reading

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Of Logos, Licenses, and the Endless Questions of Childhood

I was one of those super-mums-to-be who promised herself that she wouldn’t complain about the endless questions of childhood. Instead I would embrace the opportunity to teach my child. This determination became even more resolute when I was told my … Continue reading

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