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Dental Fear or Dental Care

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My children’s dentist is a free dental clinic attached to a school that is about half an hour’s drive from home. It’s not close, it’s not convenient, and I could get free dental care for the kids directly through their … Continue reading

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Anxiety in Children (and why you shouldn’t let that “broken leg” stop you running races)

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What future does an anxious child have? That’s not just up to anxiety, it’s up to you too. Continue reading

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Why his autism made me a better person, and why I should never say that it has.

Raising a child with autism has made me a better person. How many times have you seen a statement like that, and what is your reaction when you do? I’ve never felt comfortable with the statement, I’m not even a … Continue reading

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The Privilege Game

Non-autistic parents of autistic children, are apparently privileged. What does that mean, and why does it matter? And does it really justify silencing and attacking us, as seems to have become a popular pass-time for a few autism bloggers? “Privilege” … Continue reading

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The Tattle-Tale Autistic

Why do we tell children not to be tattle-tales; not to tell an authority figure when someone else has done something wrong? In theory it is because we want them to work on the issue themselves and find their own … Continue reading

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How Spoiling My Son Helped His Autism

When it is used to talk about parenting practices, the word “spoil” brings with it judgement as well as description: It describes overindulging the child, letting them have whatever they want, even when the request is unreasonable or excessive, but … Continue reading

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The Boy In The Bath Tub

There is a beautiful boy, with the sort of face that supports stereotypes of stunning autistic children. He is three and a half. He is in the bath, and his mother sits beside the bath with a camera. The camera … Continue reading

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Why I’ve stopped using autism as an apology or explanation to strangers

My seven year-old son is autistic. This is a piece of information I once nervously shared with absolute strangers when they watched and judged me while I struggled with my son; I felt I had to let them know that … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Disability and Rudeness, on a Halloween in NZ (Part Two).

(Continued from Part One.) The night before Halloween, my son and I decided to give it a second chance, and headed off for a quick evening shop for Halloween supplies. We managed to piece together a wizard outfit from a … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Disability and Rudeness, on a Halloween in NZ (Part One).

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Yesterday my son and I both experienced something for the first time: Trick-or-treating on Halloween. Halloween is relatively new to my country, and is still very widely attacked here as an unwanted Americanism which is all about rude kids wanting … Continue reading

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