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Fear of Diagnosis

As a teenager and young adult, I often found myself wrestling with whether it was worse to find out the truth, or be left wondering. Sometimes it was in regards to things people had told me, such as that someone … Continue reading

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A Right to the Wrong Education?

I am told that my son has not only the right to a free education, but the right to an inclusive education: I am told that I may – and should – insist that he be educated within the mainstream … Continue reading

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Discipline and Autism

How to discipline, and not discipline, your children, is a topic that every parent has had to think about and form an opinion on. It’s been a very public topic throughout my adult years – with ongoing debates about laws … Continue reading

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Assessing severity of autism, therapies, and progress.

It’s important to be able to assess how well a therapy is working for your autistic child, and more generally, whether their autism is getting better or worse. My favourite tool for measuring both, is this online ATEC (“Autism Treatment … Continue reading

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Less than a Mother, in the World of Oughtisms

One of the consequences of having an autistic child, was being left with the feeling that I am less than his mother: That I am his babysitter, teacher, therapist. I am all these positions and carry the responsibilities that come … Continue reading

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Socialization as a reason to mainstream special needs children

(An introductory point on language through-out this post: I will refer mostly to autistic children as my example of a special needs child, since I am most familiar with autism. But most of my comments will apply equally well to … Continue reading

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Standing in the Sun

As my son’s developmental delays and behavioural issues became more obvious, I moved through changes in the way I would typically interact with other parents in public settings. Prior to the diagnosis I’d deal with his problems in public by … Continue reading

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Theory One: The Complacent Mother

I had to listen to a lot of theories about what was wrong with my son – both before and after his diagnosis of Autism. The first one, and a frequent one I came up against those first few years, … Continue reading

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Stop breeding, your next child might have special needs…

The first professional to identify my son as Autistic was his doctor, when my son was three. And the first piece of advice he gave me about this newly discovered fact was that I should consider not having any more … Continue reading

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Mainstream Schooling versus Special Needs Schooling

The government appointed therapists for my son (and gosh there have been a lot of them), have always strongly encouraged us to see mainstream schooling as the best option for him. Not because he was skilled enough to go to … Continue reading

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