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Blow Blow, Ear Ear, Hair.

Blow blow, ear ear, hair. Everyday, many times an hour, my son will blow on his left forearm, his right forearm, wipe the top of his left ear, his right ear, then run his hand across his hair. Again, again. … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships,” by Grandin and Barron.

“Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships; Decoding Social Mysteries Through the Unique Perspectives of Autism,” is written By Temple Grandin and Sean Barron, with input and editing by Veronica Zysk. This is a remarkable book. It is quite unlike any other … Continue reading

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ABA, Regrets, and a Question of Happiness.

ABA – Applied Behaviour Analysis – is a polarizing therapy in the autism community: For some it is the holy grail of treatment, for others it is an abusive practice. When we began an ABA playgroup with our autistic son … Continue reading

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Read my Face

Autistic children struggle to identify other people’s emotions. Not being able to figure out when someone else is happy, sad, afraid or angry, can lead to a mess of other problems with their social interactions and behaviour more generally. I’m … Continue reading

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A Silent Mother

One of the most upsetting and isolating behaviours by my autistic son, was when he refused to let me talk to anyone except him. This went on in varying degrees, for over six months. It severely affected my relationship with … Continue reading

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Standing in the Sun

As my son’s developmental delays and behavioural issues became more obvious, I moved through changes in the way I would typically interact with other parents in public settings. Prior to the diagnosis I’d deal with his problems in public by … Continue reading

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