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Assessing severity of autism, therapies, and progress.

It’s important to be able to assess how well a therapy is working for your autistic child, and more generally, whether their autism is getting better or worse. My favourite tool for measuring both, is this online ATEC (“Autism Treatment … Continue reading


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Autism: The Popular Disorder

Autism is considered by some to be a “popular” disorder: The theory goes that there are parents who like labelling their child Autistic, because it is a cool diagnosis, or a handy excuse for bad parenting. In support of these … Continue reading

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An Instance of Autism.

Many people I have met do not know what Autism looks like, or what it is, some even deny it is an actual condition (as opposed to simply bad parenting). So I think it is important to provide an intimate … Continue reading

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Theory Two: “He can’t hear me.”

A second theory about my son’s disability, was that he was partially deaf. As the first years passed, and his language continued to be very limited and not functional (such as counting to ten and not saying much else), the … Continue reading

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Theory One: The Complacent Mother

I had to listen to a lot of theories about what was wrong with my son – both before and after his diagnosis of Autism. The first one, and a frequent one I came up against those first few years, … Continue reading

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Stop breeding, your next child might have special needs…

The first professional to identify my son as Autistic was his doctor, when my son was three. And the first piece of advice he gave me about this newly discovered fact was that I should consider not having any more … Continue reading

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Toilet-training with Thomas

Over the space of about two years, I tried many different methods of toilet-training my Autistic son – some methods that were specifically recommended by his therapists, and some that I’d read about online or seen on TV, for normal … Continue reading

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Thomas and the TV Debate

It’s the common parenting wisdom now that there are no benefits and plenty of detriments, to exposing your preschool children to TV. I’m of the view that as long as you monitor what they’re watching, make it interactive, and give … Continue reading

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Beautiful Chaos

It is hard navigating the minefield of modern parenting… even harder when you hit an actual mine before you make your first parenting decision. It would have been nice if the only issues I had to deal with were the … Continue reading

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