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Crisis, despair, and everything else wrong with Autism Speaks’ “Call for Action.”

“Autism Speaks.” Such an ironic name, considering the number of autistics and their families who wish Autism Speaks would shut up. I had concerns about Autism Speaks before, but I have concerns about a lot of autism charities. I often … Continue reading

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Where was Autism NZ on World Autism Awareness Day?

World Autism Awareness Day was on April 2nd. It’s come and gone, and you wouldn’t have known it even existed in New Zealand. I searched the following sites, for either written or video content: NZ Herald, Stuff.co.nz, Scoop.co.nz, as well … Continue reading

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101 on Autism Diversity, for Autism Awareness Day

Each year, on Autism Awareness Day, I try to go with a slightly different theme. In 2011 I did a piece based around how much I love my son, in 2012 I looked at the difference in awareness campaigns in … Continue reading

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Review of Adam Feinstein’s “A History of Autism: Conversations with the Pioneers”

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Adam Feinsteins book, “A History of Autism: Conversations with the Pioneers”, is reminiscent of the better known book of two years prior, “Unstrange Minds” by Roy Richard Grinker. (Feinstein’s book was published in 2010, Grinker’s in 2008.) Both books consider … Continue reading

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The Green Paper for Vulnerable Children; My Submission via Autism NZ

The New Zealand government is currently asking for submissions from the public, on the topic of vulnerable children. “Vulnerable children” is a very broad grouping, which includes abused, neglected, and disadvantaged children; “disadvantaged” includes children who are living in poverty, … Continue reading

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The day I told him he has “awesome.” Part One: The book that couldn’t be found.

Just two weeks ago I was publicly agonizing over the questions of when and how to tell my six-year-old son that he has autism. The great outcome of my public agonizing (the private agonizing had been going on for many … Continue reading

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Drastic drop in ASD diagnosis variations from DSM-IV (2027+) to the proposed DSM-5 (just 11!)

Back in February 2011, Jon Brock of the most excellent blog, “Cracking the Enigma,” wrote a post about the current number of variations in autism diagnoses. He explained that the variations are important to researchers in the field, and to … Continue reading

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Why we’re not all on the autism spectum

I just read a post under the irritating title of “Why we’re all on the Autism Spectrum.” I went in expecting something a lot worse than what I found: I thought I was going to encounter someone trying to claim … Continue reading

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Violence, Autism and Bad Parenting

Regardless of the reasons that lead up to it, I’ve never condoned my autistic son being violent. Whether the violence was due to fear, anxiety, anger or confusion, if he went to cause someone harm I would do everything in … Continue reading

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Hurry up, he’s three already..!

I coloured my world all the shades of guilt during the months after my son’s diagnosis. I used the classics (“did I do something wrong during my pregnancy, did I cause this with vaccines?”) and threw in some extremes too … Continue reading

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