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Misusing the “spectrum” in “autism spectrum.”

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“We’ve all on the autism spectrum” is a claim I’ve come across very often over the years. Recently I’ve even had a couple of people use my writing to back up this odd claim, which is all the more bizarre … Continue reading

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How to negate positive outcomes of the DSM-5 autism changes.

I was not entirely opposed to the DSM-5 changes to the criteria for an autism diagnosis; I saw many benefits, which I outlined in a previous post. Now that the DSM-5 is finalized and available (to those who can afford … Continue reading

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New DSM-5 autism criteria allows for lost symptoms: “On the basis of history alone.”

I was watching a new video released by the American Psychiatric Association, on the changes to the autism criteria, when something that was said made me rewind and replay it, because it was a game-changer that I hadn’t heard mentioned … Continue reading

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Autism Burnout

I had intended to write a post on the autistic children who are expected to take part in intensive therapies when they are young, and then burnout (and thereby significantly regress) in later years. This debate is usually in regards … Continue reading

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A Silent Mother

One of the most upsetting and isolating behaviours by my autistic son, was when he refused to let me talk to anyone except him. This went on in varying degrees, for over six months. It severely affected my relationship with … Continue reading

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Standing in the Sun

As my son’s developmental delays and behavioural issues became more obvious, I moved through changes in the way I would typically interact with other parents in public settings. Prior to the diagnosis I’d deal with his problems in public by … Continue reading


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An Instance of Autism.

Many people I have met do not know what Autism looks like, or what it is, some even deny it is an actual condition (as opposed to simply bad parenting). So I think it is important to provide an intimate … Continue reading

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“Get Over It” Part One: The Grieving

One of the most important and useful pieces of information that I was given after my son’s diagnosis of Autism, came from a mother who been through it all herself. She worked for the local branch of a charity that … Continue reading

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