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Medicating a Child for Autism. Part Two: People’s Reactions.

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The reactions that people have had to my eight year-old son starting on medication, have been mixed and surprising. I want to start though with the reactions I had expected, based on what I hear very regularly on national radio talk-back … Continue reading

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Autism rates are up? “That’s good!”

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I had the radio on while getting through the morning routine a couple of days back, when a story came on about the increase in autism diagnoses, sitting at about 1 in 68 is the latest figure out of the … Continue reading

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Crisis, despair, and everything else wrong with Autism Speaks’ “Call for Action.”

“Autism Speaks.” Such an ironic name, considering the number of autistics and their families who wish Autism Speaks would shut up. I had concerns about Autism Speaks before, but I have concerns about a lot of autism charities. I often … Continue reading

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Cringing at Autism in the Shadows, and Autism Politics

There are some pieces of personal writing that I want to love, because they push an important point into the spot-light or provide a new take on a worn issue. A particular issue that concerns me when it comes to … Continue reading

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“Will he ever be normal?”

A month or so back, I was having a friendly chat with a neighbour. He was a nice man, who has only ever been accepting towards our family. He’s seen my son move from a rather severely impacted autistic child, … Continue reading

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Pitfalls of a Strengths-Based Model for Autism

The idea that those involved in the lives of autistic individuals should focus on the strengths instead of the deficits of the person with autism, is a well-spread and well-known one. In this post I’m going to challenge that notion, … Continue reading

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Paths into and out of autism; understanding the love and hate.

I want to propose a different way of thinking about disability – and autism in particular – than what I have encountered so far. I want to challenge the idea that it is helpful to think of all autism in … Continue reading

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All Blacks, Beauty Queens, Achievement, and Autism.

Today I came across a very interesting article on the New Zealand Herald site, written by Mike Lee. It’s entitled “Naming gay All Blacks marks sexuality, not talent.” The concerns raised in it closely parallel the concerns I have about … Continue reading


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The Multiheaded Autism Analogy Beast (and why you can’t fight it).

Autism is like cancer: Just like there are multiple autisms, there are multiple cancers, but they have an underlying similarity. We need to focus on finding the elusive causes (which may also be multiple) and the corresponding cures and preventatives. … Continue reading

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Parenting worlds apart; the insult of the “slow child”

I regularly read forum posts on a local site where I have a trading account. The forum includes a parenting section, where parenting topics are discussed and parenting concerns are raised. I’m used to seeing the occasional autism-related discussion and … Continue reading

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