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“Has Autism” versus “Is Autistic”; A muddled debate

When talking about my son, I will variously refer to him as “autistic” or that he is a child “with autism.” My choice at any point in time depends on what makes the sentence flow better, and provides the clearest … Continue reading

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Discrimination against autism in the workforce, and am I hurting my son’s employment prospects?

I have a regular commenter, who openly states that he chooses not to tell his work colleagues about his autism (Aspergers specifically), out of concern for how it might impact on their attitudes towards him and his work. Today I … Continue reading

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Unfriendly Consequences: What competition for limited resources does to the autism community and autism families

What happens to a community of people facing the same challenges, forced to compete for limited resources (particularly government resources)? The effects I’ve seen at a local level – here in New Zealand – appear to be replicated overseas, according … Continue reading

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