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Asperger’s: “A fancy name to describe people who are rude.”

In an opinion piece in the main national newspaper here in New Zealand, Paul Little has a rant about the changing fads of diagnostic labels. He predicts that “depression” will no longer be a condition by mid-century, then goes on … Continue reading

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Autism Severity Scales: The current unofficial ones, and the new DSM-5 one.

Autism does not affect each autistic individual to the same extent. For some it is extraordinarily debilitating on a daily basis, and even life-threatening at times (due to factors like self-injurious behaviours, and certain interests and inabilities meaning a much … Continue reading

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Review of “Different… Not Less.” (A Collection of Life Stories from Autistic Adults.)

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“Different… Not Less” is a compilation of life stories from 14 adults on the autism spectrum. The stories were brought together by Temple Grandin, who also has a chapter at the start and end of the book, and briefly introduces … Continue reading

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Review of Adam Feinstein’s “A History of Autism: Conversations with the Pioneers”

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Adam Feinsteins book, “A History of Autism: Conversations with the Pioneers”, is reminiscent of the better known book of two years prior, “Unstrange Minds” by Roy Richard Grinker. (Feinstein’s book was published in 2010, Grinker’s in 2008.) Both books consider … Continue reading

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A Few Good Reasons to Like the DSM-5 Autism Criteria Changes

Concerns about the up-coming changes to the autism criteria in DSM-5, have now seeped their way into the wider autism community, and indeed into the broader public consciousness. The most popular critiques were originally directed at the loss of existing … Continue reading

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“The tip of the iceberg”? Autism and Police in NZ, questions raised by Arie’s case.

The man with Aspergers syndrome, who was charged with looting after the Christchurch Earthquake six months ago, has finally had the charges against him dropped by the police. I would like to say this was a reflection of an improved … Continue reading

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Distinguishing Giftedness from Aspergers; will the DSM-5 help?

There’s a fine line between giftedness and Aspergers. This thought-provoking and carefully considered article, explains to a certain extent how closely related the two can be (or more precisely, can seem to be). There are people – including professionals – … Continue reading

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Discrimination against autism in the workforce, and am I hurting my son’s employment prospects?

I have a regular commenter, who openly states that he chooses not to tell his work colleagues about his autism (Aspergers specifically), out of concern for how it might impact on their attitudes towards him and his work. Today I … Continue reading

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Autism, by any other name…

There are a wide range of responses to the proposed changes to the DSM criteria for autism (due to come into effect in 2013). Some view it positively for the exact same reason that others view it negatively (“Aspergers will … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Clara

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Before Autism Awareness Month draws to a close, I wanted to open my blog to the voice of someone who is living with autism. I am a mother of a child with autism, but I do not have autism myself, … Continue reading

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