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New DSM-5 autism criteria allows for lost symptoms: “On the basis of history alone.”

I was watching a new video released by the American Psychiatric Association, on the changes to the autism criteria, when something that was said made me rewind and replay it, because it was a game-changer that I hadn’t heard mentioned … Continue reading

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Why I’ve stopped using autism as an apology or explanation to strangers

My seven year-old son is autistic. This is a piece of information I once nervously shared with absolute strangers when they watched and judged me while I struggled with my son; I felt I had to let them know that … Continue reading

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Autistic Adulthood

When I started blogging, the parts of the autism blogging and research world that most spoke to me, were those focused on children. There are many reasons for this, but there are three I want to briefly mention at this … Continue reading

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Murderers, Retards, and Geniuses.

Murderer, retard, genius. Hacker, monster, miracle with super-human senses. What is my son to you? What does the word “autism” tell you? It tells you that he meets the current criteria for a developmental delay. That he falls in to … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Novelty and Obsession, in Autism (aka, Questioning the Circle)

Over the years I have tried to understand my son’s obsessive interests; to get insight to what motivates and interests him, and to find windows into his own world. In past posts I have expressed my efforts to see patterns … Continue reading

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Autism: The Wrong Answer to the Question of Mass Murder.

I was previously reluctant to deal with this topic on my blog; I didn’t want to re-share the claim that there was a link between autism and mass shootings, by even repeating the idea in a public forum. I had … Continue reading

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Guest Post: From Grandma’s Perspective

Today I’m sharing a guest post by my mother. I asked if she would write a piece about what it’s like having an autistic grandson, and how it has been adjusting to that truth. I was inspired to ask her … Continue reading

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Holier than thou autism parents; the “victim” group tag comes from both directions

There has been a lot of autism blogging heat on Jenny McCarthy lately, for a rather offensive, inaccurate, and damaging stereotype she placed on an entire (and very large) grouping of autism parents. Jenny’s idea is that the parents of … Continue reading

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Autism in the ICD-10 / ICD-11 vs the DSM-IV / DSM-5

The dominant diagnostic instrument used to identify autism in New Zealand, is the DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition, Text Revision). The DSM-IV was published in 1994, and the text revision in 2000. (Those revisions did include some changes … Continue reading

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Scientists, or Service Providers; Critiquing the Choice of Targets in the Attacks on DSM-5 Autism Changes

Today, I found myself reading yet another attack on the scientists in charge of the changes to the criteria for autism, that are due to come in with the DSM-5. And again, the attacks were made on the scientists because … Continue reading

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