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Your Voice Has Not Been Approved

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I’ve been a very quiet blogger lately, quiet enough that you may have suspected I’d quit blogging. Hell, even I suspected I’d quit blogging. I’d started a new career, been published, moved house, got two new insanely adorable kittens, and … Continue reading


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Misusing the “spectrum” in “autism spectrum.”

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“We’ve all on the autism spectrum” is a claim I’ve come across very often over the years. Recently I’ve even had a couple of people use my writing to back up this odd claim, which is all the more bizarre … Continue reading

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Autism Grows Up: Issues for autistic adults highlighted in Radio NZ interviews.

I happened upon two interviews today, that aired on August 25th on Radio New Zealand, covering issues affecting autistic adults (in New Zealand, but it’s clear these issues are international ones too). They made up a regular segment that Radio … Continue reading

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Gathering Autism DNA, Part Two: Researchers Respond.

First, some necessary background: Prior to writing my previous post, I had attempted to contact the researchers involved in the New Zealand study which is gathering autism DNA. After receiving no response for a few days, I had decided to … Continue reading

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Cringing at Autism in the Shadows, and Autism Politics

There are some pieces of personal writing that I want to love, because they push an important point into the spot-light or provide a new take on a worn issue. A particular issue that concerns me when it comes to … Continue reading

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My son does not enjoy reading fiction, which is hardly surprising to me, considering his autism. He struggles to understand social interaction and it’s only in the last couple of years that he’s started exhibiting and enjoying his imagination; both … Continue reading

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Put down that iPad, pick up that PECS box?

Everyday my Facebook feed is littered with the latest miracle stories of how an iPad (or similar device) has helped an autistic child to communicate. Some of those stories are shared from the web, but most of them are from … Continue reading

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Where was Autism NZ on World Autism Awareness Day?

World Autism Awareness Day was on April 2nd. It’s come and gone, and you wouldn’t have known it even existed in New Zealand. I searched the following sites, for either written or video content: NZ Herald, Stuff.co.nz, Scoop.co.nz, as well … Continue reading

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101 on Autism Diversity, for Autism Awareness Day

Each year, on Autism Awareness Day, I try to go with a slightly different theme. In 2011 I did a piece based around how much I love my son, in 2012 I looked at the difference in awareness campaigns in … Continue reading

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Keep Your Karma to Yourself (AKA, Disabled People Are Not Just Consequences).

Sometimes, I write posts that express a new idea I’m still processing and so it may come off a bit roughspun. This is one of those posts. Go gently on me! We toss around the notion of karma like a … Continue reading

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