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Anxiety in Children (and why you shouldn’t let that “broken leg” stop you running races)

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What future does an anxious child have? That’s not just up to anxiety, it’s up to you too. Continue reading

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Controlled Conversation

My son’s relationship with the spoken word, is a combative one. Combative not just in his own attempt to master the use and meaning of language, but also in his attempts to control others’ use of words. The most alarming … Continue reading

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“That’s science, but this is not.”

Yesterday, a story on stuff.co.nz looked at the increase in the number of New Zealand children being diagnosed with anxiety. There has been a significant increase in mental health diagnoses, particularly under the heading of “anxiety.” The story shared concerns … Continue reading

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Sensory Issues are not the same as “Irrational Fears.”

Earlier this year I was reading a national newspaper lifestyle story, about a family taking their Asperger’s child with them on holiday to Fiji. As I read it I felt very uncomfortable about the family’s attitude and approach to their … Continue reading

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The Problem with the Existence of Buttons

My son has many clothing quirks. Some of his earliest ones were refusing to ever wear socks or shoes, not wearing any fabric which wasn’t the plainest of cottons, and an aversion to zips. His clothing issues never seem to … Continue reading

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Bold Intelligence; how shyness and anxiety can impact on measuring a child’s intelligence

Being confident and bold are no more signs of intelligence, than shyness and anxiety are signs of lack of intelligence. Yet the way a child’s intelligence is measured, will often rely on how forth-coming and confident they are. I’ve written … Continue reading

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The endless anxieties of “everything matters,” and the question of medication

My son’s autism is punctuated by extremely high anxiety levels; so high, and so hard to manage, that we specifically asked his developmental pediatrician to re-evaluate him for a separate anxiety disorder in addition to the autism, and to consider … Continue reading

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Invisible Red Paint, and the Not-Fun Mum

“Invisible red paint” is an analogy I came up with years ago, to describe some of my son’s more confusing and upsetting behaviour. I didn’t have other terminology to describe it back then; this behaviour was well in place prior … Continue reading

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My Son’s Anchors

On the dining room table is a yellow bucket, containing five toys with mirrored surfaces. Along-side this bucket, are four time-devices (two alarm clocks, one wall clock, and a watch). Upstairs in my son’s bedroom he has a slinky, three … Continue reading

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Fear of Diagnosis

As a teenager and young adult, I often found myself wrestling with whether it was worse to find out the truth, or be left wondering. Sometimes it was in regards to things people had told me, such as that someone … Continue reading

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