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Murderers, Retards, and Geniuses.

Murderer, retard, genius. Hacker, monster, miracle with super-human senses. What is my son to you? What does the word “autism” tell you? It tells you that he meets the current criteria for a developmental delay. That he falls in to … Continue reading

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When your blog becomes someone else’s tool for harm.

You all know about the recent school shooting in America, and the controversy and misinformation linking the shooter’s autism to his premeditated violence. I don’t need to tread that path, others have done it better than I could have hoped … Continue reading

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Scientists, or Service Providers; Critiquing the Choice of Targets in the Attacks on DSM-5 Autism Changes

Today, I found myself reading yet another attack on the scientists in charge of the changes to the criteria for autism, that are due to come in with the DSM-5. And again, the attacks were made on the scientists because … Continue reading

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