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Sesame Street’s “See Amazing” Autism Initiative Gets Everything Right

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Sesame Street’s new autism initiative hits it out of the park, but not everyone agrees. Continue reading

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Autism rates are up? “That’s good!”

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I had the radio on while getting through the morning routine a couple of days back, when a story came on about the increase in autism diagnoses, sitting at about 1 in 68 is the latest figure out of the … Continue reading

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Reactive Dialogues

It seems that for many in the autism world, “acceptance” is about letting autism take over every part of who you are and what you do. That acceptance means wearing t-shirts proclaiming your link to autism, writing and speaking about … Continue reading

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Why I’ve stopped using autism as an apology or explanation to strangers

My seven year-old son is autistic. This is a piece of information I once nervously shared with absolute strangers when they watched and judged me while I struggled with my son; I felt I had to let them know that … Continue reading

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What it means to have acceptance of autism

“Acceptance of autism” is seen by some as a passive and defeatist stance, by others as a positive first step towards the best future for your child, and by yet others as an un-necessary statement that implies either a negative … Continue reading

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Hugging the Haters: Why hating autism is not so bad

If you express a hatred of autism, chances are very high that someone will come along and tell you how offensive your hatred is, without making any effort to either support or understand the person doing the hating. You may … Continue reading

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A Dance of Joy

One of the most obvious behaviours that sets my five-year old son apart from other children, is what we have always called his “happy dance”: When he is excited or very happy, instead of simply laughing or smiling, he will … Continue reading

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Autism, Choice, and Morality.

Autism affects almost every aspect of the person’s life – their speech, movements, relationships, senses, their very thought-patterns. And so (the argument goes), to love a person with autism, is to love autism – the person and the condition cannot … Continue reading

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