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Information on NZ Political Parties & Disability, in the 2014 General Election.

It’s an election year here in New Zealand. Last time this event came around I created a post for each political party, looking at their attitudes, priorities and promises when it came to disability (and especially autism) in New Zealand. … Continue reading

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Failure of Support Services – A Friend in Need.

I have a friend who has been put in a situation that is frightening and unacceptable. This friend is an adult with autism, who lives here in New Zealand. She qualifies for support to help her live independently. But that crucial … Continue reading

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The Morals of “Wreck-It Ralph.”

This morning I took my seven year-old son to the movie “Wreck-It Ralph.” He coped very well with the experience, and we both enjoyed the movie in its own right. But there was something extra wonderful about this movie that … Continue reading

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“Neurotypical:” For want of a better word.

There’s a new post up at “The Tumultuous Truth,” questioning the accuracy and usefulness of the term “neurotypical.” (“Neurotypical. Who Exactly?“) It’s a short post (just three paragraphs) but it packed a punch for me, since I’ve been using the … Continue reading

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Take your eye off the goal; what a kids’ soccer club taught me and my son.

I don’t like team sports; I tend to freeze whenever it’s my turn to act and I also feel like I’m going to be responsible for the team’s loss. Eventually I just accepted my uselessness in such activities and chose … Continue reading

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My last memory of Graham Watson; introducing him to my son.

A friend of mine died in a car crash on Tuesday night. There have been others who have honoured him with fitting tributes to his political influence and talents, and the immense impact he had on so many lives (links … Continue reading

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Voting discrimination, and do the disabled get a right to vote in NZ?

Today I came across a story from Minnesota, where voting rights for the mentally disabled has become a hot topic. Currently the law there presupposes their right to vote, unless a judge determines otherwise. There is a movement – and … Continue reading

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Concern Over Politically Correct Autism Rhetoric

I write over twice as many posts as I ever publish. Sometimes it’s because I want to think further over what I’ve written (and never come back to the post because life gets in the way). But the vast majority … Continue reading

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Freelance Autism Writers, Job Listing (yes, they actually pay you to write about autism!)

I had this job listing forwarded to me by a kind friend who works in the journalism field; he thought I’d be well suited to it. Unfortunately I’m too busy to take the work on, and too busy to even … Continue reading

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Just Keep Swimming

It’s not a good day. The family car’s window was broken last night, and the GPS stolen. I’m reminded of when our previous car was stolen, with the baby seat in the backseat (never saw that car again). And the … Continue reading

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